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8 Templates for a High-converting Sales Funnel

Sales Page Template: 

You know the importance of having a rock-solid sales page, but it can be difficult starting from scratch. That’s why we provided this sales page template to make it easy for you to create your high converting sales page. Get a huge jump start with this template.

Thank You Page Template: 

Many people don’t realize the importance of a good thank you page. You want to include a special offer for them since they just made a purchase from you. This thank you page template will help you get more sales on the back-end.

Upsell Page Template: 

If you aren’t offering your customers a chance to upsell for even more great content from you, then you’re missing out! This one-time-offer template will help you get an upsell in place to help boost your revenue and provide even more value to your customers

Call to Action Swipe File:

The sole purpose of the call-to-action is to get readers to make a decision to take action now. It tells them exactly what to do next.   This swipe file gives you a ton of ideas to ensure your customers know what action to take next.   

Closings Swipe File: 

The closing phrase allows you one last chance to convince your readers that your product will hep them overcome their fears, solve their problems and give them hope.   This swipe file gives you plenty of ideas to include in your closing and postscript.   

Headlines Swipe Files:

Coming up with eye-catching headlines can be a real challenge. This swipe file is packed with fill-in-the-blank ideas you can run with. We wanted to make it easy for you.

Power Words Swipe File: 

To motivate readers to take action, you need to ensure your sales copy includes power words and phrases that will encourage them to keep going.   This swipe file includes 3 pages of power words for you to incorporate into your sales pages.

Transitions Swipe File: 

Transitions in your sales copy smoothly connect paragraphs and ideas that encourage readers to continue along the page and keep learning more about your offer. Use this swipe file for pages of ideas to connect your copy flawlessly. 


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